/A Classy Bed & Breakfast Spot For Outsiders OR City Dwellers To Enjoy Luxury At

A Classy Bed & Breakfast Spot For Outsiders OR City Dwellers To Enjoy Luxury At

Juhu Tara Road of Juhu holds a lot of it’s buzz, be it in case Vibey Cafes, or for the fact that it falls right along the Beach. The area has quite a lot of Hotels and lounges for the travellers. One of them has been silently sitting around us, giving us the impression of prettily decorated Bungalow.

It was in fact a Bungalow in it’s old times but later converted to what now stands and is known as JC Chalet. Its located right in the middle of the bustling roads of Juhu and opens up in a very carefully designed interiors. It’s a visual treat, a perfect blend of colonial India merged with contemporary design, this boutique hotel values history. A keen interest to converse the environmental, the hotel has a lot of greenery in and around, also a little waterfall adds to the serene.

They have 11 rooms for you to choose from which are again exquisitely designed. The interior designers love for teak wood and marble reflects through their work. The establishment along with 11 rooms also has a cutesy Iranian cafe inspired Cafe in the hotel with tables covered with checkered clothes and a wall dedicated to Rule board.

In the fusion of Vintage and modern Mumbai inspiration, the hotel along with its room and cafe interiors ends up looking and generating a classy and sophisticated worth to the space. Sitting right in the corners of Bandra and Andheri it makes for a perfect choice for people coming to Mumbai for a handful days, having it easy to reach and comforting to live in. It’s aalso priced well enough to not break break your bank account, depending on the sites you book from, the cost per room fits right under Rs. 2200 for a night!

So, next time when you have an acquaintance of yours coming over show them the place and if you yourself are much fascinated by the hotel, you could always treat yourself to a staycation in your city, near yet away from all the chaos.

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