/Podcast Are Just Not For Adults Anymore, ‘Kini aur Nani’ Kids Hindi Bedtime Stories Podcast

Podcast Are Just Not For Adults Anymore, ‘Kini aur Nani’ Kids Hindi Bedtime Stories Podcast

As much as it is essential in today’s time for every individual to know the language of English fluently, especially the kids. But along the way we can’t leave behind our regional languages, Hindi the national language of the country is just as essential for both reasons, one being linked to your own land and also for the reasons for easier interaction with the general older generation public who won’t all be well acquainted with the speech of English.

When was the last time you heard a bedtime story, that too in Hindi? Hindi is taught to kids using age-old techniques, content that’s hard to relate to and redundant methods. And that’s why they find it boring. Nutan Raj’s podcast called ‘Kini Aur Nani’ is here to turn things around. Bedtime stories will be easier source to invest your kids in the local language of the nation.

Nutan Raj, who has a background in innovation in children’s education is adamant about making Hindi fun again. Her podcast called Kini Aur Nani consists of fun stories that parents, and children can appreciate together. Even if parents want to scuttle around their busy schedule, the stories will keep their kids engrossed, entertained and happy, while they learn something valuable.

The stories are based on a good value system, still they do not have a preachy moral at the end. They aim instead, to get kids thinking and discovering the world around them.

You can listen to all the episodes on their website or can also check them out on iTunes, Spotify, Saavn, Audioboom, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Tune In, Soundcloud and Youtube.

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