/Nutty Yogi Of Bangalore Promises You Tastier Variety In Your Healthier Meals

Nutty Yogi Of Bangalore Promises You Tastier Variety In Your Healthier Meals

An online store based out of Bangalore, Nutty Yogi gives you easy access to healthy and organic food. Neem Honey, Cacao Nibs Trail Mix, and Barley Grass Powder are just a few of their unique offerings.

When you want to make healthy food choices but the grocery store is a bit too out of reach, Nutty Yogi is the answer. The online brand, that’s based out of Bangalore and ships all over the country, is especially great for health and organic food. So, you can start making your rotis with organic maize flour, multi millet atta (containing jowar, ragi, bajra and the likes), and barley flour. Sweeten up your beverages and treats with coconut sugar and neem honey and add spice to your plate with Ayurvedic digestive salt and organic chilli powder. The platform also stocks cold-pressed oils and pulses.

Apart from the staples, Nutty Yogi offers plenty of healthy indulgences too. You can crunch and munch your way through packs of Cacao Nibs Trail Mix and Dark Chocolate & Walnut Granola. Spice up your meals with jackfruit pickle, Harissa sauce, and Sesame & Lime Dressings. For tea time, you can pick up Smoked Caramel Makhna, Roasted Soy Nuts and Jeera Khakhra Crisps. Since superfoods are all the sensation now, you can also fill up your virtual shopping cart with Moringa Powder, Barley Grass Powder, Hemp Seeds, and Chia Seeds.

P.S. Do try their dark chocolate and walnut granola that tastes great with a bowl of warm milk.

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Email ID: niharika@nuttyyogi.com


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