/You Have To Visit The City’s Oldest, Sassoon Dock Right Now

You Have To Visit The City’s Oldest, Sassoon Dock Right Now

Fishing and the fishermen’s community has been the identity of Mumbai, with them supposedly being the city’s first inhabitants. But as Mumbai continues to grow haphazardly; finance, glamour and commerce have taken a dominant role to describe its character. However, a new vibrant project is unveiling itself this weekend at the iconic Sassoon Docks, that not just captures the lives of the fishing communities of Bombay, but also makes them a part of their revolutionary art project.

An initiative of the St+Art India launched in 2014, with the tagline ‘Art for all’, the ‘Sassoon Docks Art Project’ has collaborated with the local community and about 40 artists from India and abroad to transform once bleak spaces into vibrant art canvases that capture the lives of the Kolis, the Banjaras and the Hindu Marathas through installations, photo-stories, graffiti and art exhibitions. Now that the work is finally done and it’s time to present it to it’s public, the spirit of Sassoon docks comes alive in these 34 odd art spaces- indoor and outdoor spread across the Dock campus.

It might a surprise for quite a lot of Mumbaikars but the space is running for over 142 years now and finally through these through this project people will get a little more into the heart of the city. Through november and December, Sassoon Dock, which is y=usually cordoned off from public access, will stay open for an experiential exhibition with installations, wall murals screenings and AV experiences that anyone can visit and interact with.

Heritage walks are being arranged and a detailed tours around the space is also are being held this weekend and furthermore giving you details on the artists and their perspective behind all the final products.

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