/Stories Of Humans Of Bombay Now Also In Short Film Series

Stories Of Humans Of Bombay Now Also In Short Film Series

We just got off from watching the Facebook Live with the Author and Owner Of Humans Of Bombay Website & Book. Now, if you are a part of Facebook family, then you most probably must be aware of the said page. Humans Of Bombay  was started by Karishma Mehta who was influenced to start it after encountering the Humans Of New York.

In 2014, Karishma Mehta started to capture the untold stories of everyday humans of the her city. Since then, thousands of stories have been gathered, first started on Facebook, three years later she released her book under same title on June 2017. And now within 5 months time span they are venturing out ahead.

The Live we indulged in today was in courtesy to make their big announcement about their next big step. So, let the Drumrolls be rolled!!! Humans Of Bombay are now venturing into short films, as they will now feature detailed videos sharing the stories of people who stand out with their originality and life stories. The written stories will be posted and served to their fans just like always, but now will come with added periodic dose of Short films featuring the Humans of Bombay, giving us a little in-depth view of their Life story aligning with their daily lifestyle.

They are releasing the Promo video for their project today at 6 PM. And soon, on Thursday they will also be launching their first ever Video story which is about a Traffic Cop, who is an Ex-wrestler, and in his later years grew his interest in Swimming and since he had passed the age of participating in championships, is now making his dream come in shape through his twin daughters (Around the age of 18) are being couched by their father for swimming everyday.

The next video in line is with a famous face amongst the fans of Humans Of Bombay, a 100 years old Parsi lady who will share her 100 years of life story alongside her love story.

The idea is coming in shape with the help of Karishma’s friend, whose stories have also made it to the website earlier. They are going in it full-fledgedly as they will be including personalized background songs and music to every video.

So if you have been a fan of Humans Of Bombay for a while, or are just a curious soul, always seeking for lifestories in written or visual, Check Out Humans Of Bombay now on their Facebook Page  & Instagram Page  as well!


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