/High Tide Results In Dumping Off Of Thrown Away Garbage In Sea Back On The Coastal Road

High Tide Results In Dumping Off Of Thrown Away Garbage In Sea Back On The Coastal Road

In the past couple of weeks, commuting to and fro for work and anything that involves leaving the premises of your house and getting to another destination has been a meticously calculated decision, what it raining non- stop and inspite of Bmc assuring of better local services this year, the trains and roads both have been blocked and struggled to transport through. After such a tiring commute one has to take super extra efforts to get yourself in the mood to get into the business mode and dealing with monsoon moods, one would want a peaceful weekend. For some that peace would be sitting and gazing at the rains that havent stopped it’s down pour, while for some it would be to get away from the city, but the weather being this intense, such plans more or less flowby along with the rain water.

But, in all the other struggles the city and it’s citizens are facing, on saturday with the on slaught of the high tide of 4.70 metres gave a shocking yet not at all a surprising reaity check to the citizens of 2018’s cleanest capital city of the country.

The high tide that flowed in on Marine drives, the most essential tourist spot of the city, spat out the garbage that it had been bearing on iy’s surface courtesy to the citizens, and filled a wide stretch of the street with that disgusting lot of garbage which when measured by the BMC was amounted to over 12 tonnes.

The sweepers and cleaners of the region who usually take 1 hour to clean the whole stretch spent over four hours with 55 employees working their ass off non-stop.

A civic official said that work to clean up the area was take up as the priority when they received calls from the Marine drives residents compalining about the vast amount of garbage that had mounted on the coastal road of the city.

While this is a yearly occuerence, when the sea dumps the garbage in it on the streets of coastal road with it’s high tide, the evaluated garbage for the most part contains of numerous forms of plastic along with clothes, footwears and other randomly thrown away stuff by ignorant citizens and touristers.

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