/Five Dead In A Sudden Plane Crash Into The Construction Site In Ghatkopar Region

Five Dead In A Sudden Plane Crash Into The Construction Site In Ghatkopar Region

In Ghatkopar’s residential area, a chartered aircraft had crashed on 28th June, 2018. The death toll is feared to be 5 until now and injuries have occurred to a lot more people. The pilot, 3 passengers and a pedestrian are feared dead with rescue teams and fire brigades spread out in the area. Along with that, 2 more charred bodies have been found but the identification on the bodies hasn’t been done yet so it isn’t sure whether they are a part of the flight crew or pedestrians.

The plane belonging to Uttar Pradesh government crashed near Manek Estate in Ghatkopar at nearly 1.30 PM. According to the reports, the aircraft alerted the officials with a distress call at 1.15 PM. By that time, the emergency services including fire brigades, ambulance services and a national disaster relief team was mobilized to head to the location.

The plane, a Beechcraft King Air C 90 turboprop, was sold by the Uttar Pradesh government to a Mumbai-based UY aviation company in 2014. “The deal was done after the plane had met with an accident in Allahabad,” UP official Avnish Awasthi was quoted as telling ANI.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation or DGCA, the 12-seater plane had taken off from the Juhu airstrip on a test flight.

In visuals on TV and social media, flames and black smoke were seen rising from the wreckage. A large crowd gathered around the debris, many carrying umbrellas in the rain, as firemen sifted through the debris.

The plane crashed through the boundary wall of the under construction residential complex and burst into flames leaving a strong smell of aviation fuel all over the area. Aircraft parts like the engines, propellers and landing gear were completely burnt even before the fire brigade could reach the spot.

It took over an hour to put out the fire. The black box of the aircraft has been recovered and the DGCA has already started a preliminary probe into what caused the crash. Teams from the DGCA and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting or ARFF have already begun collecting evidence from the crash site.

The plane crashed in a highly populated area, but luckily it crashed into an under construction building limiting the number of casualties, thanks to the tactness of the Pilot. The reason of the crash is still to be figured out and the remains of the aircraft will be carried away to Juhu for further testing.

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