/A Cafe That Is Staffed By Transgenders Bringing In The Much Needed Inclusivity

A Cafe That Is Staffed By Transgenders Bringing In The Much Needed Inclusivity

The Restaurant business has been on the go since a couple of years now. And with changing times, inclusivity in businesses have become a core part. Because every kind of business and their ethics influence the mentality of the people they engage with. A restaurant business can be the best kind of business to bring in inclusivity, what with it being the direct contacting source with the society.

The city now has quite a few restaurants that are giving inclusivity a top rate priority in their business structure. If the term ‘Inclusivity’ is new to your vocabulary, it means “an intention or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those who are handicapped or learning-disabled, or racial and sexual minorities.”

The Third Eye Cafe in Vashi is one of the many who’s business structure is built on this very subject. The uniqueness of the cafe resides in it’s staff, all the positions, from the manager to the cook and servers are filled in with Transgender people only.

The owner Nimesh Shetty started this cafe with the motive of spreading the awareness and giving the community a respectful space in the society, where people have always side-eyed the community. In total currently there are six Transgenders hired, some of who have cruel past life experiences like begging and prostitution. Transgenders have been forced to settle for these source of earnings till date, because society and government didn’t provide them the space and have since forever excluded the community out of the society.

Initiatives like this and from Kerala governments are helping the community to rise up and grab the position of their own and be equal with the cisgender population.

Along with the inclusivity they also serve a comforting ambience colors and lip-smacking food. With one wall quoting the words “BE THE CHANGE, YOU WANT TO SEE IN WORLD” the opposite holds the bar which serve the best of cocktails and mocktails. The menu is complied of cuisines that range from cafe like, Italian, Continental, Chinese and Indian. It stays open till midnight and also hosts live screening of sports and like.

Their customer favourites from the menu include, Fish and Chips, Butter Chicken Fries, Beetroot Falafel, Virgin Mojito, Fruit Punch and flavoured Margarita. Thus, the space sure is a must try!

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