/Did You Know Their Was A Whole Cluster OF Caves On The Jogeshwari-Vikroli Link Road

Did You Know Their Was A Whole Cluster OF Caves On The Jogeshwari-Vikroli Link Road

The Mahakali Caves, additionally Kondivite Caves, are a gathering of 19 shake cut landmarks worked between first century BCE and sixth century CE.

Situated in Andheri East close to the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, this Buddhist monastery comprises of two gatherings of ROCK cut caverns – 4 caves in additional toward the north-west and 15 gives in additional toward the south-east. Most caves are viharas and cells for priests, yet Cave 9 of south-eastern gathering is chaitya. Caves north-west have been made principally in fourth – fifth century, while south-eastern gathering is more seasoned. The monument contains additionally rock cut reservoirs and remainders of different structures (Wow, that is an entire lotta history amassed in only one locale of the city!)

The caves are situated on a slope that neglects the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road and the SEEPZ zone. A Direct bus (333) keep run by the BEST connects the caves with Andheri station. The caverns, once in threat of being infringed upon, are presently secured on the two sides – steel-fenced out and about side and walled on the slope side.

The Mahakali holes are cut out of strong basalt rock. The biggest cave at Kondivite has seven portrayals of the Buddha and figures from Buddhist folklore. There’s simply so much history that leaks in here.

Mumbai has various historical spots you have to look at. While you’re going to Mahakali Caves, you can likewise go ahead and furthermore investigate the centuries old Jogeshwari caves. You could even spot roadside kids being mentored on the roadside or even clustered together, packing for their exams. Help us out and enable them to out!

Location: Mahakali Caves Road, Sunder Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai.

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