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Mumbai, originally known as Bombay, is not just a City but a Feeling or a World in itself, and you know what? All those cliche things said about it are completely true. The city is for literally everyone, the good, the bad and the ones in between. The city that breeds the biggest cinema industry of the world is also home to the biggest slums of the world. The city has hundreds and hundreds and thousands of people arriving in it, for various reasons, some may be here to just find a decent home so that they can send money orders back home and some are here to fulfill their life long dreams which seemed unattainable in their previous habitat.

Nothing we say today is not said about Mumbai before. The city has made people feeling numerous of feels, some they never knew they were capable of acquiring. Shah Rukh Khan came to the City and made a place in the hearts millions of people throughout the world. The city bore various Terrorist attacks and rose strongly out of it every single time. The time of the city goes not according to the ordinary clock but by the clock of its railways, where you aren’t late until you missed your regular local. But all this is already talked about and is no flash news about it.

What’s making flash news in the city of Mumbai, is the up and coming enthusiasm shown by the youngsters in bringing in the change the psychology in the general masses, how slowly and steadily the passages of our narrow-minded society are being carved into and widening the openness of them. Communities are being formed and events and activities are being organized to bring in the minority divisions of the society into the limelight and also to provide them with their rights and freedoms. No, we aren’t talking about the scheduled castes and other backward classes, we are talking about the LGBTQ+ community and more of the country, events are being organized every day to bring in the people of the community together to share and make friends and feel accepted and along trying to spread awareness about it all.

There is also a rise in communities being formed to impart the art culture and invite more and more people closer to the feels Creativity, they could be called as passion oriented movements. The basic idea is of bringing in Unity in the diversity of the society, yes much like the base of the culture of our country.

With the first Starbucks of the country being opened in Mumbai and a “Cat cafe” one of it’s kind having first made their roots in our city, Mumbai however combusted in the matters of space is making space for more and more restaurants and cafes, the city truly believes in the saying “A way to Man’s Heart is through his Stomach.” Not just spaces for meals and friendly get together, co-working spaces are being installed in the city for motivating and helping the growing populous of Freelancers in and around the city.

A lot is happening in this happening city and we are here to share it all with you. News and updates on every groovy event and trendy communities and more will be shared with you here.

So, in a proper Bollywood Mumbaikar slang “Bole Toh… Ekdum Jhakaas hai Apna Mumbai”

Bole Toh… Welcome re Beedu!!!