/Mango Beach House At Alibaug Is What You Need For A Relaxing Weekend Away From The City

Mango Beach House At Alibaug Is What You Need For A Relaxing Weekend Away From The City

Alibaug has always been an easy weekend retreat for Mumbaikars, the easy access to abundance of better conditioned beaches and chill beach vibes is always enchanting to us. When no plans go right (especially the Goa once, Alibaug is the answer). The season of October just about gives the finally heat springs before the arrival of cooler months so, now is a perfect time to enjoy a peaceful weekend at Alibaug.

This home-stay from Alibaug will provide you with perfect beach holiday kinda vibe. Mango Beach House at Alibaug, has everything you want for a relaxing weekend. A luxurious and peaceful home-stay with sleepy hamlets, sunsets on the beach with some fishes and curries as the local cuisines go with, all from the comfort of your home away from home.

The way to get to Alibaug doesn’t requires any maps to us, get through the road or the ferry rides from the Gate Way Of India or Mandwa Jetty are always available to carry you the mini island.

Designed in a modern, minimalistic Mediterranean style, Mango Beach House will totally surprise you. This gorgeous property has large ensuite rooms, a swimming pool and is a short walk away from the beach. Now, whether you’d like to go on a long walk on the beach, spend the day in the pool, or simply lounge around looking at all the beauty surrounding you, Mango Beach House will let you do it. When it comes to the food, do not miss out on their lip-smacking coastal Maharashtrian cuisine, and if you go as a couple and would like a romantic meal, they could set up a candle light dinner for two as well as a barbeque.

They’re priced at INR 7,450 {for two} over the weekends and INR 6,000 {for two} on the weekdays. Click Here  to check out their website for more details.

So take a break and enjoy a weekend away from the rushes of the city!