/Check Out This Tech-influenced Dorm-cum-Hotel First Of It’s Kind In India

Check Out This Tech-influenced Dorm-cum-Hotel First Of It’s Kind In India

In the generation of Tech-influenced everything, a Japanese Concept of Hotels is known as Capsule hotels which is also known as Pod hotel. The idea is to have multiple of extremely small rooms (capsules) intended to provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not requir or cannot afford the services offered by conventional hotels. One such Capsule hotel has now also opened up in Mumbai, making it a first of it’s kind in India. They have named it, UrbanPod and is located in the region of Andheri, making it closure to both Domestic & International Airports and also to the business-hub as we all know Andheri covers a lot of major companies and more.

The UrbanPod has to offer 140 pods with various upgrades- Suite pods, Private pods and an exclusive Ladies only pod categories. The modern Architectural design & Inetriors are done up by renowned Architect Firm from Singapore, Formwerkz to give the hotel a feel of contemporary, minimalist living! Perfect for anyone seeking luxury-accommodation on a budget.

Each room has a number of Pods making it looking like a universal laundry rooms from hollywood, with the pods looking like washing machines. But inside it’s like a little personal world of your own. UrbanPod is like a Tech-influenced Dorm rooms with closed in bunk beds. Here, watch this Video to have a first look and idea of it.


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