/A Weekend At The Golden Swan Beach Resort In Murud

A Weekend At The Golden Swan Beach Resort In Murud

A final long weekend of the year has been bestowed on us on the occasion of our favorite festival, if Diwali is in your family is not subjected to celebrating at home than this is the right place to be with your family. The Golden Swan Beach Resort in Murud is one hell-off a resort, what with it having direct facing and access to the beach. The Resort along with a luxurious space and frontal beach view also has many activities do and places to explore which fall right in walk-able distance.

How to Reach?

If you are planning on making it a road trip than, you will have to take the Mumbai-Pune Expresswayt, from where you gonna continue on from the Khopoli exit proceeding to follow the route to Murud with the help of Google Maps. Be warned the road ahead is going to be a bumpy ride. It will take up to 3.5 hours.

If not road, you can also opt for the Railway route, the train can be boarded from Cst which stops at Murud. Look for the Timing Options here. 

Things To Do!

Murud is one of these blessed locations, which is a hands stretch away from a bunch of activities. If you are a one who gets easily bored, you will find yourself entertained with a bunch of options in Murud, to list few:

1. Go Horse Riding On The Beach:

The Golden Swan is a lovely property that directly open out on to Murud beach. Right here, you can choose either horse buggy ride or a go horse-riding along the beach. Right off into the sunset? A possibility here!

2. Visit The Pasand Wildlife Sanctuary:

The beautiful and underrated Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is only 20 minutes away from the resort. Go in for a couple of hours, take a walk around nature and if you are lucky you might as well spot a cheetah or a Malabar giant Squirrel. Look Into It More! 

3. Visit A Fort From 1100 AD:

The Murud-Janjira fort is surrounded by water on all sides, and can be accessed by jetty from Murud village. Visit this preserved fort for a full view of Murud and the sea.

4. Take A Mini Road Trip To Alibaug Or Kolad:

Since Murud is in such a convienent location, you can easily take a day trip to either Alibaug or Kolad, both of which are more or less 1.5 hours away. River rafting also available there!

And if you choose to sit back and have relaxing stay-in weekend then you could pick up a book, listen to music or enjoy down time with the family as you lie down with the Beach view to leisure you through the time. There is an in-house restaurant at the property itself, enjoy the authentic coastal meal.

Check out the other details for the Stay here!