/Spend Your Day At Chor Bazar Hoarding Decor Items & More

Spend Your Day At Chor Bazar Hoarding Decor Items & More

If you count yourself in the hoarders list and a huge sucker for Decor stuff, then here is little guide list for you, to where to fulfill this strong urge to hoard beautiful antique things in for yourself and the bonus being this hoarding session will let you hoard bunch of things in the price of one to two things from things in high-end stores.

We are talking about the infamous Chor Bazar, and if you are a true Decor hoarder, we are sure you have atleast heard of this notorious region of the city. Residing in the South Mumbai, the history states that the place was original acknowledged as “Shor Bazar”, but cause of Britisher’s mispronunciation the place started to be known as “Chor Bazar”, which also may also associate with the rumours that all the products are collected by thefts.

While the lane is filled with numerous stores selling variety of products at dirt cheap rates making it India’s one of the biggest Flea market, there are some of the notable stores which stand out and which found worth bringing attention to.

1. Antique Furniture & Curio For Home Decor:-
Get exquisite wooden items like wooden mirror frames, wall hangings & show pieces. Chor Bazar is a place where you can get all the good items at extremely reasonable rates.

2. Lakdi-Wala For Quirky Gift Options:-
For all those booze lovers, get larger than life sized alcohol bottles. Get it for a house party or even gift it to your friends.

3. Antiques At Sun Time:-
Tick tock your way to vintage wall clocks and watches for as cheap as INR 1000. You can get all the exquisite vintage items at dirt cheap rates.

4. Old Telephones At Old Telephones:-
The fun and effort of rolling down six or eight digits number to talk to someone is something you cherish from old times, then fulfill your periodic urge by getting your hands on those classic wooden telephones, at just as cheap as INR 2200!

5. Treat Yourself At Imma Sharbat Wala:-
After such a tedious shopping spear relish yourself with refreshing watermelon and papaya sharbat at only INR 15, along comes various flavors you wish sip to sip on.

Also do not leave the bazar without filling your stomach with some of the yummiest Kebabs and baida rotis and more.

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