/Invest In Upcycled Stationery Made Out Of Elephant Poop

Invest In Upcycled Stationery Made Out Of Elephant Poop

There is a brand that has found a upcycled way to produce papers which do not involve cutting down of the trees. Haathi Chaap is a brand that upcycles elephant poop into wonderful things. Very passionately believing in preserving Mother nature, they are taking all the actions in the process of making paper to not affect nature in any form. The approximately 250 kgs food eaten daily can produce up to 100 kgs of dung. Imagine how much paper can be made in a day. The paper is probably one of the most ecologically safe papers to make and use… Colors, if added, comprise of mostly vegetable and natural dyes. No bleach is used. The waste water is let out in cultivated fields close by… works as a great fertilizer.

An invention made accidentally in the lanes of Jaipur after its founders noticed that the poop resembled the fiber that paper is made of, they decided to experiment by making paper with it – and it worked. Thus Haathi Chaap came into existence. Some may get grossed out by the fact that it’s poop but we’ve been using animal dung for centuries a bio-degradable fuel so what’s wrong with paper? It’s definitely better than chopping trees.

They haven’t limited their produce to the only paper itself, but have a lot of stuff in the stationery department and more like frames, photo albums, notebooks, cards, bookmarks, coasters and even Clocks. Their Website basically their whole movement and a glimpse of their products, it’s little tricky to find the shop the products. But we are here to help you, to shop the products you will have to their ‘Contact Us’ where they provide you another link to their store. We are pretty impressed with the products and filling up our Takoris with all these upcycled yet affordable stationery products.

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