/Gift Your Pet A Music Playlist To Calm Their Nerves

Gift Your Pet A Music Playlist To Calm Their Nerves

Animals are our counterparts who have existed on this planet as long as we have, and serving for them in return of their service is just as human as any human interaction will comply. But, due to some of the ignorant citizens and lifestyle patterns of others, animals suffer through the re precautions of it all. We are talking about the discomfort caused to your animals due to all the noise pollution that surrounds us, while we can aid for ourselves and have stronger senses, animals are more sensitive towards such disturbances.

Thus, if you are a Pet parent and keep worrying about the health of your pet or their discomfort than a famous Mumbai NGO for animals have come with a little solution. Animals Matters To Me is one of the biggest animal shelters in city and they have launched a Collar with woofer that will help in calming your pets during distress. They collaborate along with a digital marketing agency Tonic Worldwide which has provided seven free tracks already installed in the system while you can play more through online.

The Collar comprises of a mini woofer that plays music anytime your pet is in hassle. The woofer is small and comes in handy for loud noises, storms and crackers. The price costing for it is INR 2,500. To order you can approach them through their Email- ganesh@amtmindia.org 

The woofer has been tested on dogs and has given out wonderful results in case of nervous dogs. Your dog will lovve you even more post this!


Address:- Bungalow 14, Near St Anthony School & Church, Chikuwadi, Malad West, Mumbai

Daily Opens From 10.30 AM to 5.00 PM

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