/Get Yourself Recommended Your Next Read By This At Home Bookseller

Get Yourself Recommended Your Next Read By This At Home Bookseller

Bibliophiles may seem tedious to some who aren’t keen on stories and books, but they are one of the best kind of people and when there is more than one Bibliophile in a room there can never be a dull moment because there always be so much to discuss. Bibliophiles love books and that love can manier times hinder their hunt of right book for them, having someone to guide you through that hunt is also a blessing.

Afzal Ansari an Ex-stock broker has traded and lived his whole life around books. The 57-year-old has had traded books for quite some time before it used to be with an online portal www.buyandselloldbooks.com which shut down some eight years ago. After he was struck with unemployment he went ahead to sell second-hand books at a corner on the pavement of King circle, where he constantly had to struggle with the BMC workers until the February of this year. Post which he decided to continue the business from the shelter of his sister in Chembur, where his loyal customers have followed him along through Whats app.

Afzal has read all the books that he has stacked on his shelves to sell, and thus he is known amongst his customers for recommending their next read as they pour out their needs and choices in the book. The man is pretty content with his life has he keep vagabonding around with books and you might want to always contact him before showing up at the doorsteps for grabbing your next read.

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