/F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Like Frames Available Near Bandra Masjid In Extensive Range

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Like Frames Available Near Bandra Masjid In Extensive Range

When in Bandra we are either rushing over the streets of Hill Road and Linking Road for our thirst for street shopping or we are going through it’s narrow lanes to indulgence ourselves in the pretty cafes with delicious food filled menu. While we are aware of the fact that Bandra holds a lot more and there is always something new to explore, going along that line we have infact spotted something new that has been sitting right at the corner of it’s Entrance.

In the rush to get deep into the insides of the town we have missed out on things that sits right at the edges of it. Ahead of the Bandra Masjid that’s located just ahead of the railway station goes an extended line of shops that specialize in wood craving, and invites their customers with the beautiful display of colorful variety of Wood craved frames, just like the one’s we have been spotting in the most Pinterest-sy cafes and homes.

They make all kinds of funiture and you can customise it to your needs {think sofas, storage boxes, side tables}. We particularly loved the frames for their intricate, beautiful artwork and the vibrant colours. The colourful frames are priced at INR 300 upwards, while the regular ones are for INR 250 upwards, and the price differs as per the size you choose. You could even get a mirror fixed in the frames.

If you are redesigning or are just big on Room Decor this is the place to be as you will get options for personalized Wood- craved everything, furniture, frames and more.

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