/Explore The Camera Lane In Fort Region To Shop For Cheap Yet Vintage Cameras

Explore The Camera Lane In Fort Region To Shop For Cheap Yet Vintage Cameras

In the city which has the word “Adjustment” stored in it’s description, it has all kind of second hand or wholesale markets where you can shop branded and excellent quality material and products at much cheaper rates compared to their Market price. With Crawford market, Manish Market, Colaba, Chor Bazar comes another such lane which is dedicated to Camera and Cameras only.

This lane comes around the Fort area in the CST station where there is narrow lane which stretches to wideness as you keep going in, all the stores in the lane are subjected to Cameras only. Here you can find everything related to camera, be it companion devices or the repairing of any of your device. Whats more exciting and unique about this lane is that you will get to spot all the Vintage cameras here, the stores have vintage cameras that are very much in good working conditions though being 10-40 years old. Here is the list of stores we can assure you with,

1. Mahendra Camtech:-

As you place your foot in the lane, the first store you will bump into is the Mahendra Camtech which has been standing there since 40 years now. Here they have a good collection, with a mix of vintage and contemporary cameras. They have vintage models like Kodak 120 (40mm) which is almost 40years old, Alpopa 219 (made in the USSR) hanging from the hooks, the Abpopa can be easily bought for just INR 3,000. A Ricoh 500 G can easily be owned for just INR 1,000, the films for the same are also available at the store.

Contact them on 022-40131600 for more information.

2. Camera Center (Sales & Service Division):-

This store sits right besides the Mahendra Camtech, the owner refuses to share his name but he is generally knowing as the King of Photography, this one again is a 42 years old store. The store has had all kinds of Photography enthusiastic customers, crews, students, photographers- amateur & professional both seeking for vintage & new models. He has range 10years old models available for sale, and if you are in search of any particular model, he will source it for you. There are models like Minolta SLR, Ricoh Singlex and collection of first generation point and shoot cameras. The prices started at as low as just INR 1,000 upwards.

Contact them on +9142222614426

3. Centura Photo Store:-
Centura Photo Store is a mega store which though doesn’t trade in the vintage part of cameras but covers all the current models and brands, ranging from the popular one’s like Sony, Nikon, Canon to lesser known and foreign brands. If you don’t spot a particular kind, they will call in the same for you. The store is giving away a slat 13% discount on all sales, and furthermore, has more offers and discounts to carter to you.

Contact Them on 022- 22623200 or 09322262868 for More information.

4. Subhash Elektroniks:-

As quirky as their name goes, so does the appearance of the store, tucked away in a little hole like space in the wall, dressed their entrance & windows with abundance of vintage camras on display. One of the easily identifiable vintage camera model Voigtlander Vintage 35mm Camera, which is very much functional is also available there. The lens for this camera works in a unique wherein you must manually slide it across the length of the lens barrel. For INR 15,000 this gorgeous baby can be yours. It’s an oldie but a definite goodies. A 35mmf/2 lens is also available for INR 10,000, the lens works in both vintage and new models both. Believe it or not for INR 500 you could own a cute red film point and shoot, that early family trips partner.

Contact them on +912222666576 for more.

5. Popular Electronics:-

Popular Electronics is a store for you go-to repairs. Here we spotted a few vintage non-functional cameras. However, we found Nikon FM2 here with a 35-75mm lens, and it was fully functional. This is also a good shop for your repairing trips, in case you’re looking for steal deals.

Contact them on +912266351579 for more.

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