/Check Out Wide Range Of Variety In Nose-Pins At This Store In Lokhandwala

Check Out Wide Range Of Variety In Nose-Pins At This Store In Lokhandwala

There was a time in history when every girl of most Indian cultures were forced into piercing their noses, with shift in time, liberty was given for girls to make their own choice, to be pierced or not. While many opted out of it for it making them look too traditional.

Like in all the fashion genres, here to a comeback of 80s or 90s fashion comeback has been steadily and enthusiastically accepted and appreciated. The nose-pins made it back to the ladies jewelary in the mid of 2017, when a sudden uproar for Rad fashion followers started rocking mid tucked pins and other press on nose pins for the little hesitant ones.

Now by the end of 2017, the fashion accessory is fully delved into. Fashion bloggers are helping everyone with broadcasting various outfit looks to rock with the said accessory. Donne it with Indian, Indo-western and even complete western, the final look is anyway going to make you look Rad in its best form.

Replay Jewelry Store, in the Lokhandwala region of the city is a quaint little shop in the bylanes which can be easily missed, inside stores a hoard of beautifully craved silver and gold jewelry and between the lot of variety are the current customer favorite nose pins which are available for just INR 100. To name a few designs there are, peacock, kari and other geometrical shapes with desi designs.

Address: 57, Kamdhenu Shopping Centre, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai

Contact: +912266790912

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