/Buy Reliable, Cheap Second-Hand Electronics Appliance & Their Parts At Lamington Street

Buy Reliable, Cheap Second-Hand Electronics Appliance & Their Parts At Lamington Street

Lamington Street is the one of the best electronic markets in the city, and it’s where you should head for anything from hardcore computer components to Beats by Dr Dre-lookalikes.

The streets of Lamington are buzzing with shops and consumers of all kinds, ranging from students admiring monster gaming laptops, to shopkeepers flaunting their custom-built stereo systems blaring Akshay Kumar songs. This is the place to hit for secondhand hardware and gadgets – so be sneaky like us and grab your iPhone 6S Plus and a DSLR camera here, starting at INR 10,000. Although we recommend a thorough check on the authenticity and quality to be done before you buy.

This is also a great spot to hit if you’re a gamer – we found shops selling classics like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic {KOTOR} for INR 200.

The most popular store on the street is Prime ABGB, considered a pilgrimage for gamers in Mumbai. This is a great place to head if you want to see your computer getting assembled, or talk to the owner, Gulbir Bhatia, who was the first to ship ASUS and AMD cards to India.

Also check out one of the street’s lanes, which is a back alley for computer hardware, while another road tapers off into a section only for automobile parts, behind Imperial Cinema on V.P. road. We also found a mini lane for analog technology, ranging from radio technology to callipers and cathodes at Chunam Lane {which would intrigue an electrical engineering student}.

Post all the shopping, don’t forget to refill your coffee stock at the India Coffee Depot with their Filter Coffee at INR 350/kg.

If you are a fan of computers, want to build a rig, drink some coffee or just wander in a street that is as close to a scene from Tron: Legacy as it can get in Mumbai, try Lamington Road, which has a legacy dating back to the early eighties.

While the roadside shops are great for low-investment products such as headphones or a mouse, it’s always best to head to the authorised dealers if you want to build a super computer or are planning to revv up your existing computer hardware. Keep a look out for rip-offs at road side stalls.

Price: Internal hard drives start at INR 3450, graphic cards start at INR 2,157, gaming headsets start at INR 2,899 and motherboards start at IN 2,300

Address: Prime ABGB, Simlim Square, 106-109, 1st Floor, D.B Marg, Lamington Road, Grant Road East, Mumbai

Timings: 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM

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