/Buy Gujarat’s Authentic Vibrant Hand-Bags For The Festive Season

Buy Gujarat’s Authentic Vibrant Hand-Bags For The Festive Season

Diwali is just about to knock our doors with all it’s lights and festivities and we couldn’t be happier, enjoying this festival in the authentic way possible. The festivities is about gatherings and visiting places and that brings in fashion, from head to toe. The lehengas and footwear will be covered but in all these rush we sometimes very easily forget our carriage, precisely hand-bags. They mostly get repeated year after year.

But here is a stall in Malad West Market which sells authentic Desi Gujarat style Hand-bags which will bring up the color and the authenticity of the festivities. The bandh and glass work which the state is famous for is now available here for pretty cheap prices.

The Seller, Kalyan Purse Wala from Kalyan sells these Hand-bags in the Natraj Market of Malad West against the Rajuja Jewellery Store which is current closed and thus the seller uses it’s grills to display his hand-bags, though he promises on the arrival of the shop-owners he will stick around the periphery itself to continuing his selling. The man has his business set up in Gujarat too were the sales are managed by his family.

The colorful bags in all shapes and sizes. We love how pretty and intricate the embroidery is on these bags. In spite of these bags showing off their beautiful patterns, we were surprised to find out how cheap they were. The smallest sized bag cost INR 90, with bigger bags ranging from INR 170 and going up to INR 250.

IF over the top dressing is not your cup of tea you could go easy on your outfit, and bring the spark with these subtle yet vibrant handbags slinging by your shoulders, making you very much the part of the whole festivity.

The Stalls Opens up at 3 PM and stays till 11 PM in the night. To be sure before visiting, you could Contact him here- +919819615168.