/A Wedding Gift Idea To Make Your Gift Stand Out From The Whole Crowd

A Wedding Gift Idea To Make Your Gift Stand Out From The Whole Crowd

We are heading towards the mid of the month of October (yeah, even we can’t believe its less than three months away from the year end) and the start of October itself denotes the start of the wedding season, yeah many of your friends and siblings might come to you with the good news and you are now required to start up a gifting list for wedding ceremonies along with the Diwali list. In our experience Wedding gifts are always the most trickiest of the gifts to think of, you don’t wanna be boring with the old House appliance or décor gifts and you are sure of the couple receiving too many repetitive couple gifts which you don’t wanna be numbered in. Having a stand out gift for a wedding couple is hard, but someone from the South of our country is about make you best friends with the wedding couple soon, with this gift.

An Artist from Chennai has come up with an amazing concept of sculpting miniature dolls out of ceramic with the images provided to them by their customers. The dolls are completely handmade, and are the most personalized gift you could gift to the couple, steal away a picture of the couple from their Facebook profile and you will have a pretty cool caricature kinda replica of the desired picture.


The cost starts from INR 3,999 and changes according to the size and type of the figurine. The cost is slightly on the costlier side but the uniqueness of the gift is just too exciting to be phased by the cost of it.

The gifting idea isn’t limited to just wedding ceremonies, but also for loved ones for other occasions or reasons. They make any kind of figurine with the provided picture.

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