/A Global Gifting Website That Has A Collection Of Gifting Products Which Are Quite Different From Your Regular Gifts

A Global Gifting Website That Has A Collection Of Gifting Products Which Are Quite Different From Your Regular Gifts

We came across this site today when the ad for it popped before a Youtube video we were trying to watch. FernNPetals is essentially a gifting websites, that has a quick delivery service and thus can be your perfect last minute saviour. Their gifts are also personalized and are perishable one’s so makes sense with their one day or next day delivery promise.

The website is wide spread Globally with having their outlets and sources in all of the continents and numerous countries with them. While their offices sits in three places, Delhi, Hyderabad and Dubai.

The products range from personalized frames, mugs, pillow cases and such to nature affiliated elements like Flower bouquets and plants. We are so in love with their ideas of gifting as the products convey with them emotions of the giver which will grow as the days go by. They have combination packs for special occasions, such as Bouquet of flowers and cakes will be delivered on request or similarly with plants and cakes combinations.

You just have to visit the site, the website is well categorized according to occasions and also according to their products, choose what you would like to gift, choose your location and time of delivery and after making a payment you have been sorted with a beautifully packed surprised for your loved ones to be delivered at their doorsteps.

In case of gifting flowers you can refer to their Flower Astrology column available at the bottom of the page which will guide you in gifting flowers according to the zodiac of the receiver. We were in awe with the Rose boxes which we had only seen in Tumblr pictures from foreign lands. There is also a section for Kids gifting which has options from essentials like school bags to soft toys and all sorts of games.

Their retail stores are widespread and if you are in a long distance relationship which parts you across seas even then, you can now make gifting an easy yet meaningful gestures for your loved ones.

We are currently making our choices to make a surprise delivery for our mothers, who are you gifting next?

Checkout their Website Here! 

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