/A Customer To Customer Kind Website For Book Trade

A Customer To Customer Kind Website For Book Trade

There are Readers who love to Read but doesn’t passionately believing every book they read and then there are Readers who love their too much to ever part their ways from them. Just like the physical libraries which are deprecating in numbers everyday there are online sites and applications providing same service. We are here to present you the BookChor a website and application that does everything, Buys, Sells & Rents books including, both Old & New kinds.

The quirkily named Website Bookchor was started off by team of four individuals, Vidyut Sharma, Bhavesh Sharma, Prateek Maheshwari & Alok Sharma. The portal works on Customer to Customer business type. Thus, you can buy, sell or even rent books here. And all this is started once just after you have registered yourself on the website.

Bookchor has a diverse collection of books; from fiction, non fiction, crime, thriller, science-fiction to romance. They also have a section dedicated to academics and textbooks for college and schools. there’s German, Hungarian, Dutch, French along with Turkish and Hindi. There are also unique children’s books like A Bargain For Francis, A Cheese Colored Camper and more of kind, which you not find otherwise in India. If you are trying to looking for any particular Author you could also write up to them and request or inquire about it.

One of the most unique section of the Website is their “Blind Date” collection, where you are just provided with some brief ideas about the book and wrapped covered. Based on the hints, you can order yourself a surprise.

For selling or renting your own books make sure the condition of your stays good condition.

Click Here On Their Website to fill up your cart. 

The Application of the website is available for both IOS and Android.

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