/Visit This Home Decor Store By An Award Winning Bollywood Costume Designer

Visit This Home Decor Store By An Award Winning Bollywood Costume Designer

I have been a sucker for home décor since the earliest of my lie, I remember strolling through the Home décor stores with my sister when Malls first made their appearance in the city. I might have been hardly 10 to 12 years old but going through beautiful furniture and kitchen essential was more fun than going through allies of clothing or toy sections. The habit still persists and has rather intensified. So whenever now I come across any beautiful décor store I can’t help but spend too much time in there mostly annoying my company for that matter.

Mumbai has so many note worthy stores, which are a treat to anyone like me, and slowly and steadily are being discovered and reported about on social media by whoever spots them sooner. One such store has made it’s space in the by-lanes of Versova since last October. The store was conceptualized by Reza Shariffi along with his partner Chirag. Reza Shariffi is a renowned award winner Costume designer for Bollywood movies.

The owners have traveled enough through the world and have always been sucker for décor and the were entranced by the beautiful substances of foreign lands and decided to make them available for their fellow Indian citizens. All their travel tales are encapsulated in one space, in form of this space. They have the most beautiful home décor pieces, accessories, dream catchers, old-vintage furniture, plants, pots and so much more. Every piece is personally sourced and picked up by Reza from across the world and then brought to the store where they add their own personal touch to it.

The products range from ceramic cups and vases to wall hangings and colorful ethnic and quirky cushions and so much more. There is something for almost every room of yours. The shelves that holds all that they have to provide have also caught sight of the continues pouring in customers and Reza has assured them that if they wish they he will have them made for them. The store also have some pretty planters and plant holders that are unique and beautiful in their own way.

So, what I say is next time you planning on shopping for your home or are in the vicinity of Versova do not miss the chance to explore the store with naked eyes. We are sure you gonna love it.

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