/Versova Beach Cleaned Up By The Citizens After Two Years Of Continuous Efforts

Versova Beach Cleaned Up By The Citizens After Two Years Of Continuous Efforts

This post may come under the News section, but might get from a personal approach to the subject. My Facebook page has for quite some time become my digital newspaper from where I get my daily updates on whats been happening in my city, country and/or world. I bumped into this video today as I was scrolling through my said digital newspaper. I am a born and brought up citizen of Mumbai, and since the age I started visiting Marine drives I have always felt a special closeness to it. But the sight is always disrupted by the black hole in the beauty of the sea formed by the floating dirt. Then there is the sea front around the Gate Way Of India and it gets just worse.

Mumbai city is like the star kid of our nation, being adored by each and everyone throughout the nation. And the sea makes a part of it’s many reasons for being so loved, though the country has many cities with sea shores making part of it, the connection of Mumbai’s beaches is different every other beaches. And all this is even after the bad health of beaches they have been in since decades. I am sure we have all had our share of disgust on all the dirt and rubbish on the numerous times we have planned our beach day.

The Before and After pictures of the Versova Beach are way to shocking. And like I read in one of the post during my research, it’s one thing to face the pictures of what is happening and it’s a whole different level of experience to actually be at the spot of it. And the amount of dread, disgust I feel just by the pictures makes me wonder what it would be for the people who live around the region.

The World’s Biggest Beach Clean up Drive started up in the year of 2015,by Afroz Shah a lawyer of 33 years age resides in the area of Versova, and being frustrated by the never ending rubbishing of the sea sides. The lawyer who is also an environmentalist decided to take up the matters in his own hands and along with the help of other Versovians started to the drive to clean up the entire 2. 7 Kms shoreline of the Versova Beach. The campaign was backed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Afroz Shah along with the UNEP studies the source of the trash and found grabage being dumped into nine creeks in Mumbai’s North-west suburbs was washing ashore. Versova is flat sandy beach with thick mangroves, some sections of which are also being choked by this trash. The study found the source of 70% of the trash is the Malad creek- nine other small creeks empty into it. Another 20% of trash comes from 1,000 storm water drains whose opening are along the 2.7 KM Versova coastline- there’s waste washing ashore during the monsoon. The remaining 10% comes directly from the citizens. Shah shares, “As citizens, we sometimes cheerfully neglect the basic responsibility of dumping our trash in garbage bins, recycling it through composting or even segregating at it our homes.”

Changes have been made since then, but as the citizens we all must take up the responsibility of keeping it clean, it all won’t be much of a struggle if we implant the idea of throwing any and all kinds of Rubbishes in Trash Cans and if one is not available around you then to save it for later in your bag or something. Also like Shah shares take up the responsibility of segregating and recycling your garbage. Get educated and educate others along the path.

Just Try Hard Enough To Be A Responsible Citizen!

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