/The Maratha Kranti Morcha In Mumbai Today!

The Maratha Kranti Morcha In Mumbai Today!

As the admissions have been in process with the new completely online tedious admission process, the topic of reservation pops up inevitably. The reservation system was introduced by Dr. Ambedkar for the reason of the complete population of low caste being in the poverty and under poverty line ratio, and thus the reservation system allowed them a chance at education, job opportunities which don’t limit down to cleaning the city works but jobs that involve their evolution and participation in high-end job and career opportunities. This has given them the chance to grow to prosper and achieve their dreams. But with time the reserved caste have consistently come up and today going by the censuses, the reservation system is more unjust than just towards others who actually face financial crisis but aren’t granted opportunities because they don’t fall in the reserved caste.

Today’s Maratha Kranti Morcha is subjected towards the same subject but in more extravagant and atrocious reasons. The reservations have been the subject of distaste to a lot of population of the country, but to solve the issue coming up with demands for more reservations for other castes makes zero sense. The Maratha Kranti Morcha today is on the streets of South Bombay rallying for demanding Government into launching certain percentage of leverage slash reservation for the “Martha” populous. The rally is commenced from the Azad Maiden of CST to Byculla Zoo wherein hundreds of people are going to march the path in a peaceful and silent way without causing any inconvenience to the Citizens. The community has by far organized numerous similar marches throughout the state sticking to silent protesting without causing any inconvenience and promises the same today in Mumbai.

Arrangements are also being made for the expected traffic blockage on the streets of the said march route and thus marchers/ protesters are requested to not bring their four wheeler commutes around the marching regions. Arrangements for 25,000 vehicle parking have been organized by the organizers.

In our opinion we would clearly state the protest is uncalled for, rather than protesting for yet another reserved section citizens must protest towards the eradication of the complete reservation system and rather ask government and people in authority to look into people’s financial status and their required capabilities to provide support and commission and must not short down the privileges to once caste or race.

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