/Soon You Will Be Able To Travel To & Fro Between Mumbai And Pune

Soon You Will Be Able To Travel To & Fro Between Mumbai And Pune

Back in the day, you’d end up spending five hours driving 150 kilometres from Mumbai to Pune. That dropped to three hours once the Mumbai-Pune expressway went live. Now, in a move that could cut travel time between the two cities to a mere 30 minutes. The Maharashtra government announced on Sunday that it has entered into a framework agreement with Virgin Hyperloop One to construct a hyperloop route connecting Mumbai and Pune by 2021.

Post conducting a feasibility study (which will define the final route and cost of the project) Hyperloop One will first build a demonstration test track between two points on the proposed route, completion of which should take around two to three years from the signing of the agreement. The full route- linking Mumbai, the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport and Pune – is expected to go live in the next seven years. In the future, there could be another channel for light cargo movement, linking central Pune with the New Pune International Airport, and the Jawaharlal Nehru Port, in Mumbai, with Pune’s industrial economic zones.

The first model was proposed in Andhra Pradesh, and it has been partnered with California-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT).

A hyperloop model is a pod-like train that runs inside a vacuum-like that runs at an average speed of 1200 kmph. The travel shall be done in a friction-less environment so any kind of physical or air-related resistance has to be avoided. To give you a perspective, the Hyperloop will run at a speed of 1200 km/hour (faster than a jet aircraft), as compared to the bullet train which runs at only 300-400 km/hour!

The awaited bullet train in India will launch by 2023, but guess what? The faster Hyperloop is estimated to launch by 2021. How cool is that? It will be faster and better!

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