/Soon The City Will Be Painted With A Brush Dipped In Rainbow Color

Soon The City Will Be Painted With A Brush Dipped In Rainbow Color

One of the most favorite places of Mumbai City for us is the Bollywood Art Project lane that is spread around in the By-lanes of Bandra. Random walls are covered with murals of famous Bollywood actors and characters from the 80s. The Madhubala, Anarkali & Saleem, Vijay Verma from Deewar and so many more. The most recent character that made it to one of the walls is Jordon, Ranbir Kapoor’s character in Rockstar.

Graffiti helps a lot in bringing in the character of a city out, I beautifies the streets with colors encourages the artists and in a filmy sense of way brightens up the citizens day as they keep rushing from places to places. Last year, the BMC along with The Lion’s Club came up with the initiative of Painting on the walls of every Railway station of Mumbai, the graffiti art was used to express and deliver messages and trivia about the city and it’s accomplishments.

St+art India, is proclaimed as the largest and most vibrant street art community, which after painting the Capital City with their Rainbow brush is taking it’s steps southward and coming down to our city. St+art India Foundation is a huge community and space for artists to express themselves on the largest canvas available – the streets of the city. The organization has five co-founders, and many street artists and volunteers as part of the movement.

As part of their larger focus of making urban street art more accessible, they have been organizing month-long festivals in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in the past, solely dedicated to making and spreading the word about street art. In Delhi, the most notable work was the street art in the Lodhi district, and the tin can trucks.

The crew is coming down to Mumbai in the months of October–December for a large art fest and everyone is invited to join in full-time either as part of their production {and logistics} team, communications department, content/ social media, or as a volunteer on-ground.

From mid-September to December, over 30 Indian as well as international artists will come together and liven up spots of Mumbai with exciting areas. Not just that, they will also host workshops, talks, screenings and a lot more for you to attend over the months.

Get ready with your Photographer friends as you are soon about to have really cool graffiti filled backdrops for your pictures.

Check out & Stay updated with their work here.