/Official Shut Down On Plastic Bag Use From 23rd June

Official Shut Down On Plastic Bag Use From 23rd June

It’s been a month since the ban has been prclaimed on the citizens for the eradication of plastic bag use, but things have been subtle so far, with somevendors and shopkeepers denying the use of plastic bags, but things will get official and stict soon. The Maharashtra Government has employed 200 officers to strictly enforce a plastic ban in Mumbai city from June 23.

From June 23, a strict plastic ban will be enforced all over Mumbai city. The BMC along with Maharashtra Government has employed 200 inspectors to keep an eye on the same. If you’re caught carrying a plastic bag or a sho vendor is caught using them, you will be fined up to ₹5000 for the first time and up to ₹10,000 for a repeat offense.

The BMC officials claim that they have given enough time to shop vendors to get prepared for the plastic ban but they will now be penalized if caught. There are two teams working with this project – The Market department and the License department. The Market department consists of about 200 employees who will keep an eye out and the License department will be ensuring if the vendors or street stalls are complying with the ban.

From June 23, any individual belonging to a governmental or non-governmental institute, educational institute, sports industry, welfare & healthcare industry, hotels and all organizations, seen using plastic bags will be penalized. As of June 23, Mumbai’s movements towards a becoming a green city will officially be effective.

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