/Mumbai Will Get It’s First Ever Floating Restaurant By The End Of 2018

Mumbai Will Get It’s First Ever Floating Restaurant By The End Of 2018

Mumbai has so many reason’s for the love people keep showering over it, and one of them many reasons is it’s coastline that a lines with the Arabian Sea. While for decades generations have enjoyed calm moments by the shore line that is marine drives and the Gate of India, the delight of enjoying a long stretched meal in the tranquility of the sea has been a far fetched dream.

The hotel business is running on a wild track in the city, with new eateries opening in various corners of the city, the shoreline always seemed line was being wasted on the opportunity. The Government had been working on some recreational project for the shoreline for some time now. And finally, Shripriya Dalmia Thirani, who is originally from Delhi was selected on the bid for the project amongst numerous seekers. Thirani resonates with the city closely as she has spent her childhood vacations spending time in the Prabha Devi region where her grandparents resided.

Thus, the plans for the city’s first ever Floating restaurant are now in their most initial stages, the so far discussed plans revealed by Thirani herself states that she has been going around the world, looking for the finest of boat for the cruise setting. The assumed period for the actually functioning of the said floating restaurant is targeted to be by the end of year 2018.

The restaurant will be welcoming everyone from locals, to Indians and people coming from western lands and outside the country. And keeping in mind the targeted crowd the menu will also accentuate Indian flavors and cultures for outsiders and other fusions and cuisines for the localities.

The space will suffice for 125 seaters arrangement and the plans are for it being a 24*7 hour restaurant that runs throughout the year. It will also have necessary security provisions in place before being up and functional. So far, only these headliners have been collected and more will be revealed as the time passes and the planning start shaping further.

We are pretty excited of the concept, and for the first time we can’t wait for the next year end to come soon while we are nearing the end of current year.