/Mumbai Might Soon Go 24*7 City

Mumbai Might Soon Go 24*7 City

Mumbai is the city that is very specifically known as the city that never sleeps and yet, the Maharashtra board that condemns shops and organizations to shut down at 10 PM hinders the set image. And it’s not just about what the city’s image established around but, the city has a lifestyle that cannot justify with places being shutting down at the stroke of 10 PM. The late proceeding of the stores and organizations provide the buzz that calms your nerves that come with being out in the silence that dwells after 10.

But, owing to a bill passed in last year, our hopes of Early curfews on restaurants and other such places will be raised soon. According to a recent report, “Maharashtra government has issued a notification to the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act, 2017, which allows shops, restaurants {that do not serve alcohol}, cinema halls, salons, hyper malls, multiplexes and businesses such as banks, medical establishments and tax consultancies to remain open 24×7 in the state”.

With the availability of 24*7 service, the customer and businesses will both be benefited as no-one will have to confine themselves under a strict time schedule and businesses will earn more financial and could expand more and more. It will be an intangible barrier being thrown away helping anyone a freedom of exploring and continuing their activities through the ‘oddly’ hours. The happiest ones would be the Night owls.

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