/Get Ready To Be Surprised With The Spaciousness Of Central Park In Kharghar

Get Ready To Be Surprised With The Spaciousness Of Central Park In Kharghar

It seems like Mumbai has overnight given birth to some secretly beautiful spaces around the city. With so many new hidden treasures to explore for the citizens, we now have more places to run away to explore the peace and serenity when the city’s buzz get too much to you. While New York city and Mumbai are always compared with each other for being the cities that never sleeps and rush of life that keeps the citizens on their toes, they also share more similarities in way we were unaware of, take up the Central Park from Kharghar for that matter.

While Central Park of Kharghar maybe a surprise gem for us, for the New- Mumbaikars or the Kharghar residents its quite a popular space and also visited pretty frequently. One of the ways to reach there is by getting off at the Belapur station in the Western line and take an auto from there, the auto may charge you in and around INR 80.

Central Park is humongous in size, form and in it’s beauty too. The place opens up twice a dday, in morning the space is open from 6 AM to 9 AM and in evening it reopens from 5 PM to 9 PM. Its massive and filled around with greenery and promises calmness of the ocean. The park is maintained and was planned by the City and Industrial Development Corporation Of Maharashtra (CIDCO).

The space welcomes all kinds of groups, friends, family, couples or solos but pets (the one and only let down). The locals takes the advantage of the space by using them for their leisure time, for workouts or any fitness regimes. The steps of park are perfect for hopping up and down them for fitness exercises.

And guess what, the park also has a wide open-aired Amphitheater along with a clean pond in the middle. There are also Indian Classical Musical Instruments on display, then there are slides and games for kids to play while play ground for adults to play. Central Park also has a jogging path, you are sure to be surprised with massive space that on the lay out here, in a city which is always crying for more space. But we would like to keep it as it is, as all the space and greenery has the calmness to it which you can rush to when in need for some.

PS: Autos in Kharghar don’t necessarily go by the meter, so be prepared to negotiate and battle it out.