/From December 2017 Cruise Over From Mumbai To Goa

From December 2017 Cruise Over From Mumbai To Goa

Goa though falls mostly in the shadows of Karnataka, the connection the state of Beach and Christian culture has with Mumbai is much stronger than any other states. Every teen that once makes it to their legal age starts planning a trip to Goa with their pals, which always take quite a while to become solid plan and for the actual rendezvous to began.

Now Goa is the destination where we want to reach, but the path from Mumbai till Goa is as as loved and cherished as the destination, while some opt for luxurious and quick fix that by Air, while some who are tight on budgets opt for the railways, and finally the remaining who have time on their hands and are rooters for Road trips as good as the Mumbai Goa route, they will opt for nothing but the road.

While three of the transport routes are covered, one which is the major part of the connection between the two states, Sea has remained out of the picture in your transport till now. Yes, till now, because now you can cruise through Mumbai to Goa. The thing that had been the source of during a time in past. Many cruise ships have been operating between these routes through the years. One was a Scandinaivian- built vessel that took holidayers between Mumbai and Panjim (Goa) from 1994 to 2004. But this was the last of them. There hasn’t been any sea travel between the two cities since 2004.

But the past is coming back now, A Mumbai to Goa ferry service is being flagged off in the first week of December. Union Miniter Nitin Gadkari announced, “While cruise lines will reduce pollution, tourists will enjoy the experience (of traveling by inland waterways). New ferry services is expected to take seven hours between Mumbai and Goa, and will have stops in Ratnagiri district and Malvan, before docking in Panjim. It is expected to be air-conditioned luxury liner with a capacity of 200-300 passengers.