/Five Of The Best Of Movers & Packers Of The City

Five Of The Best Of Movers & Packers Of The City

Moving houses have never been an easy job, any amount of excitement for moving into your dream place or a new house can’t suffice the struggle you will go through for packing up every little thing for your current place of living. The whole struggle of getting boxes labeling and placing and organizing things the way that you find them all back for you in the new place at the same time making sure that you not doubling your labor. The ordeal further in the actual transfer of the whole lot.

But all of this can be escaped from with reliable set of people who will charge you a reasonable amount of money and take all of this tension off you, by doing an expert work of it all. Thus, we have got you some of the most reliable and efficient Movers and Packers from Mumbai.

Indian Packers & Movers:-

Just by giving a call to the company they will take up your job of both packings and move from smallest tit bits to heaviest of them. It’s always recommended to make two-three days prior call to the agency. The base price is INR 5,000 (approximately) including the transport. It may differ according to the floor of both the places. They also carry the required boxes along.

To reach them Call: 9022223500

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Everest International Packers And Movers:-

This trusted Movers & Packers agency from Vile Parle comes in highly recommended as they offer their services throughout the city. The whole charging system is calculated considering the various necessary facts like the floors in both the societies, transport and also the availability of the elevator. For simple shifting {just your room, a few boxes, and a building with lifts} will cost you INR 3,000 {approximately} if you were to move from Andheri West to Bandra. Heavy furniture and longer distance will cost additional money. Again call them up two to three days prior to the day of shifting for them to visit and check & count on things move.

To reach them Call: 9930779141

Agarwal Packers & Movers:-

One of the popular movers and packers in the city, they are on the higher end of the spectrum. Since they also cater to shifting things to other cities, and even countries, they are thorough professionals. Packing everything nicely, transporting it and unpacking it as well. Their services generally start from INR 6,000 and above {say between Goregaon to Bandra}.

To reach them Call: 9300300300

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MS Packers & Movers:-

This Andheri East company offers their services round the clock. Just call them up at least three days in advance, tell them a few details like the things you want to move, the distance and whether your building has a lift or not {an extremely important factor to determine pricing}. For INR 5,000 {approximately} they cover their entire base – from packing to transporting to unpacking}. If you need boxes, tell them and they will arrange them for you.

To reach them Call: 9820362427

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Ability Home Packers & Movers:-

Call up Sanjay from Ability Home Packers and Movers, and he will sort all your moving woes. The charge is dependent on the distance, the amount that needs to shift and of course, the floors they will have to work with. From packing things up to the labor cost as well as moving it to the new place and unpacking it, they charge anything between INR 4,500 to INR 5,000. There will be an additional charge for heavy furniture, and building with no lifts. Do call him up at least two days in advance.

To reach them Call: 8655888331

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