/Come Work For Your Start-Up Or Freelancing At This Moroccan Themed Co Working Space In The City

Come Work For Your Start-Up Or Freelancing At This Moroccan Themed Co Working Space In The City

A few days back we shared with you details on a new Job hunting application which exclusive focuses on Freelancing Jobs. Now with changing times, media and creativity industry prefer more of project based employees and thus freelancing is gaining more space in the employment region.

The city is now cradling some Co-working spaces at in and around the city borders. While all these co-working spaces focus on free, liberating and comfortable yet with pinches of personality, this one here we talking about has a Moroccan theme all around the space and it’s simply Mumbai Co Working.

Apart from their Moroccan theme, which is clearly visible in their embellished décor around the space and the framed pictures giving you a direct glimpse into the Moroccan cities; there are other facility from this co-working space that makes it stand apart from others. To point down few, they provide 24*7 availability along with all time accessible pantry. With the night shift being 9.30 PM to 7 AM.

There are facilities like meeting rooms, an unlimited supply of tea and coffee, a virtual office and a lightning speed internet connection. The membership has options like floating desks {INR 5,000 per month}, fixed desks {INR 7,000 per month}, meeting rooms, and a cabin for a team of two to six people {INR 8,000 per month}. You can even avail a day pass for INR 500 if you want to try it out for a day.

If this all didn’t surprise and excite you, there is a bigger news awaiting you. There is also a Sheesha lounge inside and that just takes things to a whole new level. The lounge is on the terrace of the shared office space and is beautifully decorated with artefacts brought all the way from Moroco and some antique shops from India.

The entry to the lounge and hookah service are free for the current and new members who have rented space in the co working area and their clients. For others, they can take a day pass here, work and enjoy some sheesha while at it.

Is amuses us, the speed at which the city’s face changes according to it’s needs.


402-B, Annapurna, Above Delicacy Of China, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai.