/Carnival Theater Brings MovieEcards For Unlimited Movie Access A Month

Carnival Theater Brings MovieEcards For Unlimited Movie Access A Month

With the arrival of so many different subscription packs, Netflix/(Amazon/ Hotstar) and Chill have become a thing of regularity and we are mostly passing off the option of watching movies on big screens. The statistics have been stating for a while now that the rise in subscription packs and youtube world has affected the theater industry on a serious basis. Maybe that is the reason why Carnival Theaters have come up with this new MovieECard campaign.

Carnival Cinemas are spread out around locations in the city which includes all the four directions chancing from Marine lines, Andheri, Vasai, Oshiwara, Wadala and Mulund. The MovieEcard gives you an access to watch unlimited movies a month, at INR 199 to INR 399.

There are two cards – the weekday card and the all-week card. By paying INR 199, you can watch a number of movies during the weekday at Carnival theatres across the city. If you want an all-week {including the glorious weekends} pass, you can get that for INR 399.

The only catch? You can watch only one movie a day {though it doesn’t sound like a bad deal to us at all}. Also, you cannot watch a particular movie more than 3 times. Honestly, if you do want to do that, that is a little weird, so it’s best that this card restricts obsessive-compulsive fanning. Also, you can’t get these unlimited movie tickets for 3D tickets, IMAX and recliner seats.

Marketing strategy or not, we love the idea of having access to unlimited movies at the price of single late night show. The big screen is always a good night.

Get your Movie E-card here.

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