/A Stenographer Turned Artist Uses His Typewriter in creating Portraits & More Art Work

A Stenographer Turned Artist Uses His Typewriter in creating Portraits & More Art Work

I have quite a lot of amazing inspiring stories, where the passionate artist couldn’t seek their artistic dreams for reasons ranging in personal to financial, and then end up with bigger success in their older ages. Here comes a similar kind of story but creative in its own way.

Chandrakant Bhide, a 72 year old ex-Government official had aspired to be an artist all through his life, but much like in real life, dreams aren’t achieved as easily and thus, he continued on his career line just like his father being a Stenographher in Government office. After numerous jobs in typing, Mr. Bhide realized his typing was much better than others, a skill that earned him a reputation in the Union Bank of India where he served them for almost 30years of his life. But as they say you can’t remove the art from an artist’s soul wherever you place him, so was the case with Mr.Bhide who’s budding seed of art hadn’t given up. Like so many great things that have come from play and a little moment of spark, Mr.Bhide found his source of art through his job, while playing around with his typewriter.

Inside an 80 year old building in Dadar, Sir Chandrakant Bhide creates portraits through with their beloved typewriter, which is turned 50 this June has been staying loyal to Mr.Bhide since their partnership. The typewriter and the keys are Mr.Bhide’s weapon or do we say brush of art. He mainly uses about five alphabets and symbols off the keyboard [@,&,”,W,/]. these are the colors that cover the canvases with scenes, features and characters.

Interestingly, R.K. Laxman {with whom Bhide shared a warm and loving equation}, was the inspiration behind the “common man” portraits. In the years since he found out his way of expressing his art form he has being creating portraits of individuals that have always been his favorite and the ones that inspire him, in all of the 35 portraits he has created, to name the few it will include Amitabh Bachan, Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Lata Mangeshkar and his favorite he proclaims is the one of Dilip Kumar.


The process of his art, varies accoding to what he is creating that day, but portraits generally take about five hours to be fully completed. To create shadows, there’s overlapping of the ‘_’ key, pages are turned and twisted to get consistency. With 15 minutes of ferocious typing {as the typewriter rod needs to be held and loaded}, a portrait is generally completed over a period of endless chai and pakoda breaks.

When he speaks about his art, his voice echos the passion, that any proud artist will sound like. With over 11 exhibitions, the first one inaugurated by celebrated cartoonist Mario Miranda, Bhide carved his own niche in the art community.

Mr. Bhide passionate about his artwork, and thus doesn’t plans on selling them. So as much as you are in love with his art work, he doesn’t take personalized artwork request nor does he sells his artwork. But, he has his doors open to anyone who wishes to know and have a look at his artwork.

So, if you in Dadar and wish to know and have a look of his masterpieces, Contact him on 24380560!!