/A New Application For Hunting Down Freelancing Projects

A New Application For Hunting Down Freelancing Projects

Working patterns are taking some changing turns, while the general 9 to 5 corporate jobs will continue to exist, creative workers are more over opting for freelancing jobs, where they work for individual projects with more than just one companies. This benefits both the parties as the company doesn’t have to hire and pay someone for full-time when their work is required periodically; and the freelancer is enable to take different experiences at the same time in the flexibility of their time and space.

But seeking freelancing for both ends comes out a little difficult on the job hunting sites, does now there is an application which is exclusively reserved Freelancing. Tootle, has been developed by Abhishek Gupta, a web developer and Graphic designer.

Necessary measures have been taken to avoid bogus profiles. While signing up, you will have to specify your work experience, focus areas and remuneration. They’ll also ask you to add an

ID to verify identification. They take around 72hours to review your profile to see if you are fit for the platform. Once you get approved, you will be able to browse through available jobs in your area of expertise.

Whether you are writer, graphic designer, make up artist, stylist, dog trainer, communication consult or a rocket scientist, Tootle has something for everyone. You can also hire professionals if you have a job for them on this awesome portal.

Hence, the application is helping you by eliminating the need to go look for work, meeting people or pestering your friends for leads. So, download the application now and get to work!!!

The application is available is on both Android & iOS.