/Dipesh Tank Who Inspired By His Mother’s Right Upbringing Has Been Helping People Ever Since 2006

Dipesh Tank Who Inspired By His Mother’s Right Upbringing Has Been Helping People Ever Since 2006

Dipesh Tank comes with cape of Justice around his neck doing the right without holding back any of his resources. The below shared video is what we came across before writing this abstract about this great human. Upon the watching the video, we decided to google the man, while the video reveals about his deeds in bringing in more than 140 sexual harassers in the Mumbai local railway region, the man has a history of great deeds and female safety going back to over a decade ago.

Dipesh Tank was pretty young when his father was diagnosed with a knot in his pancreas and his mother had taken up the role to run the household by a catering business which made her take long hours past midnight, and people as they are bad mouthed her about it. Rekha Tank (Dipesh’s Mother) would take extra care of the female hostesses dropping them safe back home before retreating to her own. She had raised both Dipesh and his brother with values and lessons of respecting women and doing the right thing.

While, because of deficient financial conditions, Dipesh had to drop out of college, he never stopped learning and soon picked up jobs to relive his mother of some pressure. Through working as an office boy in a computer manufacturing company, he learned everything in computer hardware business during the course of five years of his employment in there, post which he joined call center. The job gave him financial independence as he could finally pay off all the loans, leave the chawl at Vile Parle and shift his family to a one bedroom flat in Malad.

On the evening of July 11, 2006 bombing massacre on the suburban railway, Dipesh readily went off with his younger brother to provide a hand of help in porting the injured and dead bodies to hospital. Dipesh was completely moved by the incident and it surely changed his life forever without being directly connected to the incident.

The very next day he proposed the idea of starting a social movement to his colleagues, which was readily welcomed and accepted. Thus, he started his NGO “Youth For People” that rescues citizens in need of help. The NGO worked as a helpline even though everyone at the NGO was still working day jobs and yet managed to reach to people in times of need across the country.

Till next six years the major concentration of the organization was focussed on blood donation camps, education and lending hands to underprivileged. However, the incensitivity and harshness of the Nirbhaya Gang Rape case shook Dipesh even more rigorously.

“People were outraged. There were protest marches, but still every day this was happening to every other girl. I felt truly ashamed to be a man at that time. One thing was clear in my mind that the change has to happen from the very basics. And that day I made a promise to Nirbhaya that at least around me, I will not let this happen to any woman”, he says.

He admits that he had overlooked the issues faced by female till that moment but the Nirbhaya case, made him realize that more needed to be done. One such day, Dipesh had to fight against a bunch of boys at Malad station who had been hitting women with roses in the train. When Dipesh approached the police about the issue the harasser had fled off the scene.

The police did not backed him, since lagged on evidences. Thus in 2013 soon enough Dipesh with his other friends started recording the scenes and also took up a survey across females on railway inquiring them about sexual harassment they faced on Railway stations, 85% of females affirmed to feeling unsafe, the survey was then forwarded to RPF, GRP, Prime Minister and even the then President of the country. In August they started a campaign called “War Against Railway Rowdies- WARR”. They kept sharing videos of harrasment on social media. After six months of continuous persuasion, finally WARR was supported by the railway police and 40 constables were allotted at each station starting from Malad.

In December 2013, WARR volunteers assisted officials in nabbing harassers by videotaping them. It was the first such coordinated effort on the suburban network. And so far they have helped the railway police to catch hold of 150 offenders.

When recording through mobile devices became difficult he looked up online for more hidden device for the challenge, when he came across this glares which had camera in-built in it. During the course of it all, Dipesh has come across times when he had been hit and more by the offenders, but like our freedom fighters didn’t back down, so can’t we, is what he believes in. Dipesh had a monthly salary of 30k when he purchased this high-end glasses, which were also delivered to him by a friend in US because India didn’t sell it back then, they costed him 25k but the results the gadget has shown suffices more than the amount.

Dipesh is now works for a US based NGO “Take Her Back”– which works against human trafficking in India.

We at Spirit Of Mumbai salute this Man who has dedicated his life in well-being and justice of underprivileged, people in need and female safety.

“Raise Better Boys At Home, And The World Have Fewer Disrespectful Men.”