/Post Pride Month, The Movements For The Silent Members Of The Community Still Goes Strong, This One’s For The Elderly Gay Men

Post Pride Month, The Movements For The Silent Members Of The Community Still Goes Strong, This One’s For The Elderly Gay Men

The Pride Month is just about to end, but the appreciation for the movements for the community doesn’t end with the end of the month, it must go on and on, and this initiative here is just about showing us the same.

The concept of LGBTQ+ community is still pretty new for most of the Indians, while the younger lot is starting to learn about the fact, the older generation is still unaware of it. Some could even have been part of it but the zero knowledge about the righteousness of their feelings they might have never known of it have been living life in misery and confusion since forever. The older part of this community have had it worst and hard of all and still do. Because there might people who would be married and might be having children like any normal family.

This wise initiative is being set in motion by the name Mumbai Seenagers, by a Mumbai -based LGBT rights activists Dr. Prasad Dhandekar and Ashok Row Kavi that will give a platform to elderly gay men to meet-up and connect.

Two men hold hands as they attend a march against homophobia in Brasilia May 18, 2011. REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes (BRAZIL – Tags: SOCIETY) – RTR2ML1Q

“Mumbai Seenagers” has been having been founded with an aim to help gay men those fall in the category of aging above 55 to connect with other men and socialize. Loneliness and isolation from the society are some of the most common issues that the community deals with in general. Everyone seeks love and companionship despite their sexuality. The life of 55 years or more can’t be easy living in this struggle.

The event is being held be hosted on July 15th from 4 PM to 6 PM. The further more details are kept under wraps for the serious reasons of privacy and safety. Like the location details and especially the details of the attendees will stay shush from the world. The idea of the event is simply to bring together the attendees to sit around sipping and munching while talking to others of the community and making friends sharing experiences.

The organizers have already got a good amount of entries in and are still welcoming more, further details can be received as and when you contact them. So, pass on the message subtly as you can, and those eligible for the movement, go along be you!!

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