/Match Up Head On With The Muggles Of Potterheads In This Quiz Event By Kwikspell

Match Up Head On With The Muggles Of Potterheads In This Quiz Event By Kwikspell

The one book that defines the term Bibliophile and a movie that will define childhood of 90’s kids then it has to be the Harry Potter Series. The seven books and eight movies still have their re-runs on the television and readers keep going back to it every now and then. The fandom of Potterheads too big and widespread to be ignored. Time and time again they reunite with activities and events that bring more and more of the fans together and makes sure to keep the high spirits of the fandom all the time even after years of series.

Try Googling for a quiz about the series and the Google will spread before you a never ending list of the same. So many fans keep going back to these quizzes just to feed their pride of being a true fan when they score high and feel disappointed in themselves when the results are negative. While online quizzes are fun, the ones where you commit with other muggles of the fandom are even more challenging and engaging and most of all exciting.

Thus, here comes yet another for Mumbai fans, a quiz for 90 lucky fans. The event will help you make more potter friends, exchange words of wisdom amongst and enjoy a little taste of Hogwarts world with all the movie inspired décor.

The quiz will be difficult, and here’s how it will work: on registering you will be sorted into houses by the hat worn by Kwikspell (it will be fair, promise). Then you will get a time slot, and be divided into groups. You can register individually or with your friends. Among the total of 10-15 teams, after face off rounds, there will be a ‘final two’ rounds. The first and second winners will get respect, fame and the most important thing: monies + goodies.

Where: XVII Tea House, Bandra.

When: July 9

Time: 11.00 AM to 4.30 PM

Cost: INR 250 per head!

Tickets available here!

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