/MAMI Giving You The Opportunity To Learn To Enhance Your Skills In Voicing Your Opinions On The Film Industry

MAMI Giving You The Opportunity To Learn To Enhance Your Skills In Voicing Your Opinions On The Film Industry

The Indian Film Industry has come a long way from where it started in 1913. It ran through numerous phases of it, in terms of creativity, technology and ideology and so much more. What started as something to release tension off people’s mind with the Reality of life, has now become so much more than just entertainment only. Now the Film industry is actually using it’s platform to bring public’s attention to the harsh unknown but still existing reality.

But movies being made right and left all the time, the industry plays a major part in the economy of the nation and also the messages and movements they have been carrying out with themselves.

The current young generation has far more openness with their mindset than any generation before and they are here to stay shut about their opinions and believe in sharing them with the world through social media platforms. The veterans of the Critics of Industry have seen the zest from afar that the young populous carries in themselves and want them to succeed and enhance their skills.

Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) has taken upon itself to mentor a few young voices who show potential in this field. All you need to do is send out your application, your motivation to join, along with a few samples of your work.

So if film journalism is something that spurs interest in you, and if you fall in the age group of 18 to 23 then MAMI’s Young Critics Lab is the perfect opportunity for you. The lab will conduct two workshops each in August, September & October, the Deadline for the same is June 30th.

The workshop will hone the skills in a way that will make the selected participants challenge the landscape of film journalism in India currently. The workshops will enhance your knowledge of cinema, nationally and internationally and discuss the various mediums available these days.

To apply and detailed description of the Workshops, Click Here!


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