/If Poetry Has Always Enticed You, Be A Part Of This Poetry College, Register Soon

If Poetry Has Always Enticed You, Be A Part Of This Poetry College, Register Soon

The Poetry scene in the city is growing like a pimple before a date. Poets of all ages, languages, are making their mark felt on the stage and on paper. The world is grappling with its own identity and we poets are helping the conversation along, sometimes bridging it, sometimes fueling it, sometimes concluding it.

It is a historically important time we live in. Unprecedented changes are taking place in politics, with social norms, our attitudes towards gender, sexuality, race, religion. It is a tumultuous time. Hence, it is a time ripe for self expression, for writing, for the arts. What we say today will be what our generation is judged by many decades into the future.

The Poetry College is a safe space to start conversations about poetry, about writing, about styles, and most importantly about improvement.

||”We have all felt that the process of learning writing in India is haphazard at best and mostly non-existent. While the western world has developed programs for writing leading to some brilliant career writers, we have grumblingly settled on the doubtful premise of, “Poetry can’t be taught.”||

The Poetry College is built to help you with the blocks and ceilings you face with your writing. It s built to help you notice the invisible bridges between all levels of writing. It is built to help you not only find your voice but to develop it.

The Poetry College is a 4-month course. It starts as basic as the philosophy of poetry itself to specifics like humor and acoustics. It delves into ideas and execution of metaphor, rhythm, narrative. It will have master classes on writing on music and an introduction to the seemingly gated world of publishing. It has a very important Mentorship aspect where each of us will be assigned a mentor who will guide our progress throughout the programme.

While workshops are helpful in their own way, they lack the discipline, progression and the community building aspects of a formal course. The Poetry College will run from August 2017 to November 2017, starting from 6th of August and is open to every poet above the age of 16.

Please send in 3 poems to anish.vyavahare (at) gmail (dot) com and fill up this form to apply 

Check out the e-brochure here!

The sessions will be held alternate Sunday mornings 10-1 and alternate Thursday evenings 6.30-9. This way you get free weekends each month and have to manage work timings only two days in a month.

Contact Anish Vyavahare  for any details.

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