/Good Wives, Virgins & Other Women In Myth- #TalkingMyths

Good Wives, Virgins & Other Women In Myth- #TalkingMyths

The Women empowerment is the hottest and the most important part of this era. Slow & steady changes are being made, women are reaching and acquiring spaces and positions where once they weren’t relevance was joked upon. Women in Indian subcontinent are treated under just two shadows, one where they are showered with prayers treating them as deities and other where their existence is irrelevant other than being Man’s shadow. This event here is subjected to talking and knowing our female characters from the Hindu Mythologies individually, breaking the myths and not considering and approaching them from the shadow of their male counterparts.

Draupadi, Ahalya, Kunti, Tara, Sita– who were these women? What were their roles and how are they relevant to us today. A look at some well-known and some hidden figures from the epics, puranas and other forms of traditional literature that explore the significance of women in societies past and present.

The #TalkingMyths Project is an initiative by three professionals, Dr Vidya Kamat, Arundhuti Dasgupta and Utkarsh Patel who bring their experiences from diverse professional backgrounds to a common, abiding passion for the stories, philosophies, cultural motifs that underlie our ancient world.

The project is setting up an online archive of the myths, legends and folktales of the subcontinent, and their live talks in comparative mythology are part of the project’s interactive audience engagement efforts. Here the speakers explore different mythological themes through a selection of stories, symbols and recurring motifs.

Where:- Studio Tamaasha: Mumbai,

Bungalow No 76, Aram Nagar Part 2, Behind Physioflex Gym, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061, India

When:- 15th October 2017; Sunday.

Tickets:- INR 100 / Per Head.