/Film-making For Women, By Women- The Madrik Project

Film-making For Women, By Women- The Madrik Project

Every world has been known as the Man’s World since forever, but with skills and hard-work women have paved their way into every genre of profession and world. Now through years of fight against misogyny women are given opportunities to make a path for themselves. Entertainment world where women face a peculiar kind of misogyny, objectified and considered just as an eye-pleasing part of any venture. Here is a chance for more.

Madrik – Sanskrit word for “To me” is a proposed collection of short films about the lives and times and art of an assorted selection of women writers and artists of India. The film is more a biographical portrait than a documentary about Women artists, some know others lesser known and some anonymous. The women writers and Artists portrayed are from across the India covering various regions, cultures, periods and Languages. The artist and writers will be selected by a group of 10 first time women filmmakers from varied professions. Each of these filmmakers will select a Woman Artist or writer, research their lives and write a short film screenplay that will be directed by them. As the name suggests it is the individual interpretation of these artists and writers for the filmmakers and the influence on them.

Brain child of Jaé Gholap  Alumnus of New York Film Academy and founder of The Open Film School. The Open Film School aims to provide film education to whoever is keen.

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