/Celebrating The International Cats Day By Organizing Fundraiser At Cafe Cafe Studio

Celebrating The International Cats Day By Organizing Fundraiser At Cafe Cafe Studio

Gaysi announced their next project with face flushing start for the description of the event- “If you know us, like, really, really know us, you’ll know by now that we’re all about THEM PUSSIES! So much so that we’re throwing a fundraiser just for them, cuz you know, they aren’t being touched enough, played with enough, loved enough or taken home enough.” We recently shared with you about a one of its kind cafe that has made its roots in our city for the first time in our country. Yeah, we talk about the Cat Cafe that has now opened up for quite a while in the Versova region of Mumbai and it has banged on received an immense amount of positive response to it.

The International Cats Day is approaching fast, if you are unaware it’s celebrated on 8th August every year, and being a Cat oriented cafe it was expected for them to organized something for their love for cats. Thus, three of the amazing organizations have come together to organize a Fundraiser for the “The Feline Foundation” . The Cat Cafe along with Gaysi Family  &  PetWale are throwing a party which will have you accompanied by various Calicos, Gingers, Tabbies, Persians and more.

You are going to be entertained along with three wittily funny ladies – Pooja Ruparel, Jeeya Sethi & Pavitra Shetty. Following the laughing-stalk Gaysi has also arranged their infamous Queer Trivia, ‘Can You Repeat The Question, Please’. The categories you will be prepping yourself to win these tricky trivia are:

  • Bend It Like Hollywood & Bollywood
  • Know Your Desi-Homos – Let’s remember all the pivotal LGBT voices in India.
  • Feline Quotient
  • Queer GK Round

Team Size – Minimum of 3 and Maximum of 5. To participate, send us the name of your team and your team members at gaysifamily@gmail.com.

Furthermore, all through the evening, you will have the cutest bunch of kitties sauntering around asks for your attention at times and doing all the kitty attics they are anyway known for. If you are too endeared by any one or more of them you know you get to adopt them and keep them to yourself. Boom!! Amazing yeah! We know. As a thank you for your presence and engagement, the organizers have also arranged for Thank You Gift Tokens.


When: Sunday, 6th August.

Where: Cat Cafe Studio, Versova.

What Time: 5 PM- 8.30 PM

Entry Pass: INR 200 ( INR 100 redeemable at the cafe) Buy Here!

For more Info: Call us on 9702049491 OR email gaysifamily@gmail.com

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