/Celebrate Beer Fest With Quality Beer Just At Rs. 75 At Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden

Celebrate Beer Fest With Quality Beer Just At Rs. 75 At Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden

There are so many kinds of International Days through the 365 days of the year, some surprising us with their mere existence. But, when you come across Days dedicated to your favorites, it’s a rather delight. The delight is increased ten folds once you come to know their ways you can enjoy it more and relish it in the best way possible.

Wondering what we are rambling about? Well, Guess what the 4th of August is dedicated to every year. It’s mine and your favorite. It’s International Beer Day! You can now celebrate it even before the dedicated day. Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden who are known for their special self-brewed and unique Beer and cocktails is introducing it’s own Beer Fest!

Stay with us as we are about to reveal to you the extensive range of quality beer you will be served with on this fest, Belgian Witbier- which fermented with herbal hints and pungent spices, and Pilsner, world’s first blond larger. There will also Guzzle Hefeweizen, and some Dark Lager to choose from. And all of this for just INR 75.

Along with beer, to add the fun element they are organizing some uber cool evenings comprising like Karaoke Night hosted by Lukmaan on the 13th and 20th July and a Beer Pong Tournament on 22nd July. The beer fest will be from 13th to 23rd July so ensure to make reservations before hand so you don’t miss out. Reservation can be done through their Zomato Contact details itself.

We are surely attending, and we hope to see you there too!!

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