/Aphrodite An Offline & Better Kind Of Tinder

Aphrodite An Offline & Better Kind Of Tinder

Are you small bunch of people who say a serious No to Tinder and likewise applications? Wanting to find your kind of person but through the help of social media? Mumbai has now a substitute to this social media affair. A new Single Club, named Aphrodite has made it’s way to Mumbai, it will assure you a platform to find your significant dating partner, a physical platform, not a virtual one like social media. It works in “You’ve Got Mail” invite to their events kind of way.

A bit confused? Let us explain to you! Aphrodite Singles Club is launched in Mumbai with the sole aim of helping people find love in the age of Tinder. Nitya Arora (owner of the jewellery brand Valliyan) founded it along with her partners, Shaan Khanna & Hanna Stromgren.

They don’t do your regular upload-some-profile shenanigans. It’s simple and sweet – just how romance on New York’s streets was. All you need to do is mail your photograph along with details such as your city of residence, age, and a line or two about yourself. How do they filter out people? The idea is to curate the people for the event based on certain traits, and yet retain the exclusivity. If you don’t get the email, don’t worry. Perhaps make your bio cooler?

Looking back at their past events, they had their first event organized at Cafe Zoe in the month of August. They aim to embrace all genre and sections of the dating community, like putting up age wise events, LGBTQ+ events and simply events involving people of similar tastes.

The next event is happening in the mid-October and the location will be disclosed as and when the time nears. If you are seeking a chance at romance email them at BoutiqueSinglesClub@gmail.com

They charge anything between INR 1,000 to INR 10,000 depending on the scale and venue of the event.

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